Sunday, July 14, 2013

Deepwoods Damnation

I am exhausted. I didn't sleep last night till 3:30am, which for me (and probably most people) is ridiculously late. Why am I exhausted you ask?

Because I was rocking the fuck out.

Last night was Deep Woods Damnation. My friend Marietta decided that for her birthday she was going to rent a couple generators and her band Audrey Horne (no website sorry) was going to play in the middle of the woods. She also got two other bands to come out (Don Peyote and Sioux City Pete &The Beggars). We drove out into the National Forest just East of North Bend and out a public access road. We helped unload band gear, set up our tent and then began the hard task of drinking.

I decided not to bring my good camera because I really didn't want anything to happen to it. There were going to be lots of people I didn't know not to mention the very real possibility of drunken negligence. I think it was the right choice but I am incredibly bummed that I don't have decent pictures. The pictures I do have do not do it justice. The colors in the sunset were incredible, the mountains were gorgeous but I just really wish I could have taken some shots of the bands playing. If there are some photos that appear later via facebook I will add them.

However! I did manage to get a video of Audrey Horne playing. Watch it! they are awesome and my phone actually did a pretty decent job.

The sound must have carried for miles. I have no doubt that there were other campers in the area and that they were absolutely furious with us. I certainly would be. However, I'm willing to take that in exchange for the memories from last night, though they got increasingly hazy. There are moments in everybody's life where you know that you are going to remember it forever. Most people think that about lots of things and don't necessarily remember them, but you know when you truly will remember because you feel it. You feel that moment burning into you, rattling your bones like a bass guitar.

I won't remember the names of the people I met. That Chris and I laughed about how metal trash and constellations are. Or how I rambled on and on to this poor girl about how I really want to make a sweet risotto with almond milk and coconut water. But I will remember the way the light illuminated the band, and the way the sound seemed to be a living thing tearing it's way across the mountains.

I am physically drained, but I don't give a shit. My life is fucking incredible.

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